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What Tri proof light is?

What Tri proof light is?


No.1 : What is Tri proof led light ?

Tri proof light is a special light made of special protective materials, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion . Tri proof means "Waterproof" "Dust-proof" "Anti-corrosion" .

Special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion material and Silica Gel sealing ring are used to realize the protection requirements of lights . According to the actual working environment of the Tri-proof light, the surface of the lamp protection box is treated with nano-spraying plastic damp-proof and anticorrosive treatment, which prevents the entry of dust and moisture.

No.2: Where to use the tri proof light ?

Wet places: viaduct, overpass, tunnel, car wash stations, subway, airport, kitchen...

Chemical corrosion sites: steel plants, petrochemical plants, food processing plants, farms, toilets, docks...

Others: parking lot, basement, warehouse, workshop, supermarket, school corridor...

No.3: What is IP rating of Tri proof light ?

IP (Ingress Protection) rating system was drawn up by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) , which classifies electrical appliances according to their dustproof and moisture-proof characteristics.

Tri proof led lights usually is IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68,IP69K.

The IP protection level is composed of two numbers.

The first number represents the level of dustproof of electrical appliances and the level of protection against invasion of foreign objects (in this case, objects including tools, people's fingers and so on are not allowed to touch the live parts of electrical appliances to avoid electric shock) 

The second number indicates the electrical moisture, waterproof immersion sealed degree, the larger of the number,the higher protection level of the light .

Protection level to IP followed by two Numbers to express, the number used to clarify the level of protection.

For example : IP65 .

6 is the first number ,means the the level of dustproof of electrical appliances and the level of protection against invasion of foreign objects.

5 is the second number,indicates the electrical moisture, waterproof immersion sealed degree.

The first number indicates

0:No Protection

1: Protection Against Large Solids

2: Protection Against Medium Solids

3: Protection Against Small Solids

4: Protection against solids larger than 1 mm

5: Protection Against Harmful Dust Accumulation

6: complete protection against dust entry

The second number indicates:

0: No Protection

1: Droplet to shell. It will not affect normal work

2: When the Shell is tilted to 15 degrees,droplets drop into the shell. It will not affect normal work

3: Water or rain from 60 degrees angle drop into shell.It will not affect normal work

4: Liquid poured to shell from any direction ,It will not affect normal work

5: Flush with water.It will not affect normal work

6: Environment suitable for use in cabin

7: Resistance to immersion for a short time (1m)

8: Immersion for a long time under certain pressure

IP69K stands for protection against high temperature and high pressure water vapor shock, such as high pressure water gun in car wash.

NO.4: What is the "Anti-corrosion" of Tri proof light ?

In the production environment of Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry and animal feed business, there are often corrosive gases or liquids of acid, Alkali and salt, accompanied by unfavorable factors such as humidity and high temperature ,The lights special are required to be anti-corrosion . It should not only meet the anti-corrosion standard of General anti-corrosion low-voltage electrical appliances and take corresponding anti-corrosion measures, but also reach higher requirements. In the structure it need to take adequate and reasonable sealing measures, and choose appropriate corrosion-resistant and sealing materials.

For Example ,Ammonia is produced from the dung of farm animals, Sanitary cleaning liquids in food processing plants contain corrosive elements such as sodium hydroxide, so the lights in such places should be against such chemical corrosion. Manufacturers usually use materials like Acrylic or other special plastic to reach the "anti-corrosion " requirnments.


































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