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Portable LED Work Light / Rechargeable LED Work Light

Portable LED Work Light / Rechargeable LED Work Light


Lighting is a very important part of any work and living environment. Good lighting is also a key element when working in a garage, construction site or doing household works. Poor lighting conditions increase safety risks. There are numerous smaller and bigger work accidents every year, which are connected to poor lighting conditions.

When searching for a work light you can find many options on the market. But are they all suitable for the work environment?

There are work lights on the market with incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs which are not efficient, they can brake easily, and their lifespan is short.

LED brightness is measured in lumens. If you were used to buy 500W incandescent work light, then you should look for an 8000 lumens LED work light.

It’s no doubt that LED Lighting is quickly taking over the construction industry to displace halogen, metal halide, and other lighting options. We have a varied options of portable and rechargeable LED work light for you to choose. These rechargeable and portable LED work lights can be used in a variety of applications.

As we know,it is tough to work in the dark. Apart from exposing worker to injuries, working in the dark is really arduous. And workers will find themselves straining a lot. So it will take longer to finish a project. Work lights are one of tools that have been around since the dawn of man. As long as people have had to work in the dark, a version of the work light has been needed. Today’s work lights are in many ways marvels of modern technology.

Of course, there are numerous work lighting systems to help us solve this problem. But most of them are poor quality. For example, Lighting systems that use halogens will make everything difficult because of low efficiency. When using quartz lamps, users have to be very careful of where they place the lamps because of the danger from high heat.Another issue with quartz lights is how easy it was to burn out of break the bulb. After an hour or more of being on, accidentally kicking the light could break the bulb.

That’s why we have thought deep and then come up with portable and rechargeable LED work light. Most of these LED lights are versatile. So people can use them for camping, hiking, emergency lighting, and more. They also feature a cool-to-touch technology that makes sure users have an easy time handling them even when they are on.

Our portable & rechargeable LED work light can withstand a variety of weather conditions including high winds, rain, and freezing temperatures. Our rechargeable and portable LED work light also can perform over long distances from the actual bulbs to the field’s surface.

The safety of user is also our concern. Our portable and rechargeable LED work light can make sure that the space is bright enough to avoid injury-causing shadows or glares on the working field.

We designed rechargeable and portable LED work light to address the varied lighting requirements. Our LED sport light can be used at warehouse, as well as construction plant, workshop and factories.

You can choose from a variety of portable and rechargeable LED work lamps ranging from 3W to 100W and from 400 to 12,000 lumens. Our rechargeable and portable LED work lighting can save you up to 85% in energy usage compared to traditional work lighting. Most of our rechargeable and portable LED work light has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. This will meet the requirements to use the led lights with longer time.

It’s wise choice to convert traditional work lighting into more energy efficient LED work light, with all LED lights containing no mercury.

































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