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Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting/Reflective LED tunnel light

  • Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting/Reflective LED tunnel light
  • Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting/Reflective LED tunnel light
Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting/Reflective LED tunnel light Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting/Reflective LED tunnel light

Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting/Reflective LED tunnel light

  • Solar Panel Type:30W,50W,100W,150W,200W
  • Battery Type:AC90-295V
  • Controller Type::110-120LM/W
  • Mounting Type:
  • Load Power (W):reflective LED tunnel light is an energy-efficient lamp. It uses high-efficiency LED as light source, with longer lifespan. The reflected light does not cause glare or other adverse reactions. The light body is made of high-strength, tough aluminum alloy material.
  • Output Voltage (V):
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Developed using sophisticated optical modeling, a uniform progressive light throw design, the LED tunnel lights lens creates balanced and anti-glare lighting patterns in the tunnel without distracting glare or ghosting. As the small LED array consists of individual module chips and high efficiency light source with customized beam pattern, it is uniform and can be simulated first in DIALux before starting LED tunnel lights projects. Using the principle of total internal reflection, the lens of each LED can be wider, this also applies to narrow beam angles.



Reflective LED lighting with simple appearance and easy to use.

Strong impact resistance with IP 65: dustproof and waterproof, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.

Highly permeable matte PC cover ensures light efficiency and prevents glare effectively.

Technical light distribution design to improve tunnel lighting utilization.

Support multiple intelligent dimming methods.

The product is moisture-proof, waterproof, transparent, easy to install disassemble and maintain.



With the development and widely application of LED technology, LED tunnel lighting fixtures have also been gradually popularized in tunnels. Here we will focus on introducing a high-quality reflective tunnel light developed by THECOSKY.

To evaluate the quality of an LED tunnel light, we should judge the performance of heat dissipation, operation stability and the light quality. As a research enterprise which has specialized in LED industry for 12 years, THECOSKY has always formed the newest technologies in this industry and undertaken several important projects around the world .

THECOSKY reflective tunnel light adopts a reflective optical structure. The light emitted by the LED chips enters the eyes after passing through the highly transparent and diffusely reflective cloth pattern glass, which converts the LED point light into a high-efficiency light source. The light is soft without glares, which solves the contradiction between lighting efficiency and lighting comfort, further improving the reflection efficiency and the uniformity of the light. While providing safety guarantee for tunnel traffic, it effectively reduces the operating and maintenance costs.

In addition to the high light quality and heat dissipation performance, the energy-saving effect is also one of the concerns of consumers.  reflective tunnel light has a ‘DALI dimming mode’, which can realize 0, 10-100% dimming in time-sharing and segment according to the tunnel lighting environment and traffic conditions. It may help reducing energy waste while creating an ideal lighting environment.


Advanced materials, techniques and light sources are adopted for the manufacture of LED tunnel lights. Because tunnel lighting is not like normal road lighting, it is important for manufacturers to realize that adverse environmental conditions such as vibration, noise, vehicle exhaust gas can affect tunnel lighting fixtures. With this in mind, tunnel light manufacturers need extra research and development to design designs to deliver the best tunnel lighting system that creates a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

However, before making a decision, we recommend that you consult an experienced and competent LED luminaire manufacturer. Creating a design in consultation that uses the least number of lights for optimum lighting effect ensures the project is a success. It should also be noted that tunnel design affects the required lighting, as not all tunnels are straight. Custom tunnel lights can also be designed to meet customer's requirements.

If your project needs high quality LED tunnel lights, please feel free to contact us. If you want to look at the product features of LED Tunnel Lights, you can access our products here.




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