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60W solar led street lights

  • 60W solar led street lights
  • 60W solar led street lights
  • 60W solar led street lights
  • 60W solar led street lights
60W solar led street lights 60W solar led street lights 60W solar led street lights 60W solar led street lights

60W solar led street lights


Solar LED Street Lights present the perfect and cost-effective solution for residential

streets, parking lots, security, roadways and yards for outdoor general area lighting

applications. Solar LED street lights can be more economically viable and efficient in

areas where the cost of providing electricity is expensive due to non-availability of

grid power or in remote areas or in unreachable terrains. Solar street lights using LED technology generate a very powerful and targeted crisp white light of excellent quality,which significantly enhances illumination and night visibility.


LED Solar Street Light is an extremely versatile and robust solar parking lot light, it is perfect for all kind of weather conditions. This compact solar powered street light

provides extra lighting easily in no time. Installation is straightforward; only 4 bolts

need to be tightened onto a pole. The unit can also be wall mounted. No trenching or

connection to the electric grid is needed. The all-in-one LED solar street light is

perfect for retrofitting old electric powered fixture or new installations.

· Elegant look IP 65 silver housing

· Solar panel, battery, charging circuit, LED driver circuit are integrated in single casing

· Aluminum alloy case, built-in pipe mounting bracket

· Top quality solar panel battery

· 120 degrees wide lighting angle

· Motion and PIR sensor for longer battery life

· Automatic dusk to dawn operation

·No cabling , no battery box

· Pole and wall mounting universal bracket

· Use it at streets, roadways, sidewalks, gardens, parking lots, public square plaza,

malls, resorts and farm house and wildlife area

· Battery Backup: 3 nights

· Auto dusk to dawn and motion sensor mode after 5 hrs. of bright light in the night

· High efficient electronic circuitry environmental friendly non-hazardous material

· Very low self-consumption, highly energy efficient LED drivers of efficiency 95%

· Robust to thermal and vibration shocks

· No infrared or UV beam output

· LED devices offer high intensity of light, low maintenance, high reliability and durability



· No line voltage, trenching, or metering

· No power outages

· Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days

· Distributed light and power - no single point of failure for enhanced security

· Easy to install with quick connect plugs - less than 1 hour

· No scheduled maintenance for up to five years

· Qualify for savings from various state and federal taxes and incentivizes

· No monthly electric bills

· Controlled charging to prolong battery service life

· Long-life PV modules with more than 25 years of power generation capacity

· Environmentally friendly - 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution

· Self-contained solution - Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing or hour preset, no running or maintenance cost

· Better light source - LED lights feature cool white light without flickering and higher brightness than sodium lights

· Without pole, Integration design, easy to carry, put solar panel, LED lamp, battery and controller all in one, without any cable,;

· Using high capacity and long life of lithium iron phosphate battery, service life 5 years, can resist high temperature and low temperature, can ensure the long service life of the whole product;

LED60WBridgelux chips3030(Life time 100000hours)
Colour Tempreture6000K ~6500K(it can be customized)
LifePO4 Battery42AH 12.8V 
Solar Panel18V80WImported High Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon
Install Pole diameter60-65mm
Mounting Height7~9m (Suggest install between space20-30m)
Solar Charging Time6 hours by bright sunlight
Cloudy/Rainy days3 -7 Cloudy/Rainy days
MaterialHigh Class Aluminum(anodic oxidation treatment)
Product Size 1190*385*180mm
LED Lamp160PCS
Motion sensorYes(Microwave Sensor)
Remote ControlYes(1pc remote control per lot)
Working Tempreture-25℃ to 65℃ 






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