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Introduction of LED Light Source and LED street light

Introduction of LED Light Source and LED street light

Light-emitting diode, abbreviated as LED, is the abbreviation of English light emitting diode. Its light-emitting principle is to use solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials. When a forward voltage is applied to both ends, the minority carriers and majority carriers are injected into the PN junction of the semiconductor material. When currents recombine, photons are emitted to generate light, which directly converts electrical energy into light energy.


As a solid light source, LED was originally used as an indicator light and display panel, but with the development of technology, it can already be used as a light source. It can not only directly convert electrical energy into light energy with high efficiency, but also has a theory. The service life of up to 100,000 hours, and it has many advantages such as environmental protection and mercury-free, rich colors, continuous switching and flashing, 0%~100% dimming function, and no flicker of output light, making it highly efficient and energy-saving The development trend of a new generation of environmentally friendly light sources.

LED street light is a product that integrates LED light source technology, LED light control device technology, LED module connector technology and lamp design technology. The application of high-power LED lamps to road lighting has been the focus of the lighting industry in recent years.

In order to promote energy saving and emission reduction, and effectively guide the healthy and rapid development of semiconductor lighting applications, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People The rapid application of LED lamps in street lamp projects in major cities. Local governments have used LED street lights in lighting projects as an important task for energy saving and emission reduction.

As LED lamps are a new product, there are still many problems in many technical aspects that have not been solved. As a result, many LED street lamps cannot meet relevant standards in terms of illuminance, uniformity and service life. At the same time, because there is no national unified standard for LED lamps and all manufacturers, the LED lamps produced are diverse and cannot be used interchangeably, which makes it difficult for street lamp maintenance units to maintain the LED lamps.

































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