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Designing Your LED Stadium Light Setup

Designing Your LED Stadium Light Setup


LED Stadium Lights of Your Own

Lighting is an art in itself, and stadium lights are no different. Sporting events are often a very personal affair, creating bonds among friends and family, classmates and colleagues as they cheer on their favorites. Seeing it all crisp and clear is a vital part of the game. 

The first question to ask yourself is:  Existing lights and retrofit, or new install; and are the existing lights the caliber to create your ultimate stadium experience?

For existing lights, we try and match up the old sports lights to an equivalent or brighter if needed.   The 1500 watt Metal Halide sports light is far and away the most common fixture installed over the last 40 years.  For this, there is a 500-watt LED stadium light designed from the ground up to replace it, beam angles and all.   It saves 1000 watts and lights up a touch brighter.  This one is easy.   We have interchanges to other ones as well.   If it’s determined that you need more light rather than maintaining an equivalent amount, we can help with that too. 

New Install?

Stadium lighting heights vary per application which is why they are offered with different beam angles. A light placed at a height of 30-40 feet might use beam angle of 30 degrees due to the needs of the application. Choosing the proper light and beam angle is going to depend on the size of area being covered by light, the lumen requirements on the ground and the height of the lights. Creating a proper light plan is important, so getting with a lighting expert to plan out your application is essential to a good outcome. Photometric studies are often used to ensure the end result really nails it.    A lighting expert can design the phtostudy, often at no cost.  

Photometric Design

Photometric is the measurement of how we perceive light with our eyes. This measures brightness as well as shifts in the lighting due to movement or other forces.

For this, a pre-measured test run is a common practice. The right equipment will have potent adjusting tools to have you monitor and shift the lights as needed during the test. 

Choosing LED stadium lights over traditional metal halide lighting has many advantages. Here are just a few: 

Cost reduction – LED stadium lights are more energy efficient and will result in a significant savings in energy costs immediately. They are long lasting and will require less maintenance and replacement, saving money in operational costs. 

More business opportunities – LED stadium lights allow you to be more flexible with the types of events that you can host within the same stadium

Camera ready – LEDs provide flicker-free lighting and the best color rendering for excellent photos, recording or broadcasting

Safety – Most sporting events, including baseball, gymnastics, equestrian sports, swimming and bicycle racing among others, require certain lighting levels to ensure that participants are safe. A well lit spectator area also ensures safety for those watching the event or performance.

Pollution prevention – Light leakage in surrounding residential areas can be a problem. It can irritate neighbors and cause safety issues on nearby roads. 

































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