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Product Abstract:

80W LED tunnel lamp

Product Description



TH- SD360-S-80W LED tunnel lamp
Voltage(V) AC( 85- 265V) / 50- 60HZ



Power factor (PF)


LED efficiency

90- 100lm/W
Lumens(Lm) 7200- 8000
Fixture efficiency >95%
Color temperature(CCT)(K) 2700-7000




  • Using specialized heat-dispersion design of the lamp, use aerometal material of the housing with high heat conduction and well formed convection with surrounding air;the temperature of lamp holder will less than 65℃ even if continue work with a long-term.

  • Using single powerful LED(50-80W)as the light source, with unique lighting design of Multi-chip integrated single-module;select for excellent imported semiconductor chip, it has high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure colors and no heavy shade etc.

  • Adopted the unique Secondary light distribution, with average llluminance;

  • With high color rendering index which can show a true color of things for people and meet the requirement of different invironment;clear up the depressive mood caused by lower or higher color temperature compared with conventional lamp, make more comfortable for people's eyes.

  • Wide voltage range available and global universal;adopted advanced constant-current controlling techniques, can fast turn on, no warn-up.

  • Using build-in power systems, easy to install and preserve.


Application :

The lights could be used in many places such as: the tunnel, underground passage, underground parking, railway, building lighting, large area flood lighting, public spaces, squares and other places.

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